Of Course You Can

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Of Course You Can


For some reason I find myself saying “Of course you can!” on a regular basis.  I’ve been catching myself saying it to family, friends, employees, and clients.  It has become something that flows so naturally out of my mouth now that I don’t even realize I’m saying it!

This saying comes 100% directly from my father.  I’ve gone to him for advice on most of the important things in my life starting back when I was in school, playing athletics, and now when it comes to business.  Without question his background in sales has had a major impact on me.  The single most effective lesson I’ve learned from him is very simple.  Of course you can.

When I was unsure if could contribute to the team as a freshman in college his reply was “Of course you can”.  I started every single game at 2B, batted lead off, and went on to help lead Wheaton College to 3 NCAA DIII Tournament appearances in 4 years.

When I was questioning my ability at the age of 23 to gain credibility as a financial adviser his words were, “Tim, of course you can.”  I was promoted after 6 months to the Midtown Manhattan Office, was the top new sales rep in our office, and Top 5 Sales Supervisor in the entire  company 2 years after that.  I was the Assistant Manager of a Wall Street Based financial company who managed over $10 Million in client assets at 24 years old.

I was debating on whether or not to purchase my first company  and pursue a dream I had when I was in college to own a baseball and softball school.  At 25, his normal words of encouragement were all I needed to take the plunge.  Three years later I had re-branded the company to become the fastest growing baseball/softball facility in New Jersey.  There hadn’t been a single baseball/softball school let alone another sports facility that had been capable of the expansion that we took on and grew to become. of-course-you-can

And so with that I cannot stress the importance of taking on that mantra in everything you do.  You want to start a business, of course you can. You want to take on investors, of course you can.  You want to sell your company, of course you can.  You want to make more money, of course you can!

This doesn’t mean that just because you want something you’ll get it.  This means that if you have a well thought out, strategic plan that makes conceptual and financial sense, then you can absolutely attain that goal.  All I want for the people I work with and more importantly work for is to help put them in the best possible position for their goals.  Taking an “Of Course You Can” mentality is the most important way to achieve the most far fetched ideas!


Tim Ziakas is a Sports Facility Consultant who specializes in helping sports facility owners run growing, viable, and profitable companies.  He is one of the only Sports Facility Consultants who has real life experience purchasing, operating, growing, and selling sports facilities.  His leadership and sales training stems from real life experiences both in the financial services industry and sports facility industry.  

“We only work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about running a sports facility business, open minded, and understand that in order to take their ideas and passions to the next level they’ll need help in getting there.” — Tim Ziakas, CEO, Parkview Sports Group


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