Economics and The Business of Sports

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Economics and The Business of Sports

Parkview Sports Group Founder and Senior Managing Partner Tim Ziakas was recently profiled in “The Wheaton Quarterly”, a magazine for the Wheaton College community.

An Unexpected Journey

Wheaton’s alumnae/i are prepared to take on whatever opportunity comes their way. Thanks to Wheaton’s distinctive liberal arts experience, they’re well-rounded, critical thinkers and seasoned communicators who do well with any major they choose. In February, a group of them returned to campus for the annual Sophomore Symposium to share with current students how Wheaton poised them for great careers—even those that were unexpected.

Tim Ziakas ’04


Job title: Senior Managing Partner, Parkview Sports Group (Sparta, N.J.)

At first, Ziakas questioned how he would use his economics knowledge in his day-to-day life. But soon after graduation, he began relying on his degree without even thinking about it. “Economics is about looking at history, facts, trends, numbers, and using logic and rational thought to solve problems. These are all skills that I’ve used throughout my career.” Ziakas used economics fundamentals when purchasing, operating and eventually selling his baseball and softball training company. Now he is the senior managing partner of Parkview Sports Group, a sports facility advisory firm that works with clients to help them understand their investments. “My clients are passionate, driven and talented people who need help taking their companies to profitable levels so they can make careers out of their love of a particular sports-related niche,” he said. Looking back at Wheaton, Ziakas said a liberal arts degree provides the fundamentals that are useful for any career. “The specific skills of most jobs and careers can be learned through employer training. The values, communication and critical-thinking skills that you gain from a liberal arts degree cannot be taught by any employer.” His experience writing his thesis on the economic consequences of prescription drugs arriving from Canada taught him research, critical thinking and writing skills that he uses every day, he said. “What’s absolutely certain is that you will need to take bits and pieces of all the experiences in your academic career and apply them at different points in your life.”

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