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Purchasing a sports or recreation facility franchise is a great way for entrepreneurs to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.  However, franchising is an extremely hard route that like any start up operation needs to be done the proper way.  Between 2010 and 2013, 135,289  new franchise locations were opened in the U.S. according to Franchise Industry Report.  The real story is that 118,645 of those franchise locations are closed today.  That means only 16,644 were able to stay in business.  Of course the franchises that have hundreds of units are less likely to turnover so quick due to their systems and ongoing support given to their franchisees both internally and through outside professionals.  It’s the franchise companies that have 5-100 units that see the biggest turnover.

So where is the problem?

The problem lies not with the Franchising Company and their systems or the training they provide to open up their locations.  Almost all do excellent jobs when it comes to giving their franchisees the resources they need to get going.  Typically they all provide in depth training, usually at a regional or national site, assistance in site development. contract negotiations, and grand openings.

The problem has several moving parts.  The first problem starts with the screening process to identify the best possible franchisee candidates to be successful and the second is the lack of continued franchisee management training that is necessary to run strong, viable franchise units. Most franchise companies require a significant amount of capital to open a unit.  This narrows the field search to a limited amount of possible candidates.  While most Franchise Companies are eager to find the right net worth franchisees, the real issue is not only finding the right net worth candidate but the right entrepreneur as well.  Our system of streamlining that process makes for much better ROI for every franchise unit.

Maybe most importantly, have you provided to your current franchisees an opportunity to learn where their strengths and inefficiencies lie through that same scientific process and assessment test?  Moreover, are you taking that data and applying it to what your company specifically needs?

For example, by taking a simple assessment test that produces data on how your franchisees handle pressure, interact with staff and customers, think strategically, & function as a leader you can drastically increase the productivity of your company as a whole.  By looking at the data and comparing against your best performing and worst performing units, you’ll be able to see a direct correlation on how those franchisees score with where their units perform.  This allows you to develop a specific training program to help with inefficiencies as well as encourage better performing units to add locations or continue growing internally.  Without this modern day analysis, it’s almost impossible to provide the support franchisees truly need.

Finally, are you keeping them up to date with best practices for networking, social media, web design, and blogging that a company in today’s market must be doing?  For example, are you providing your franchisees with a mobile friendly website, corporate social media that drives traffic and engages it’s audience across all platforms with a consistent message, and best practices for their blogs?

Are you leaving the social media up to the individual franchisees to worry about or are you using cutting edge technology to do it from a corporate stand point that will allow your franchisees to focus on the rest of the business?

In our experience operating and working with sports facilities over the years we’ve come to find some great ways to provide support to privately held sports facilities that Franchising Companies and their Franchisees would benefit from.  We are absolutely NOT franchise consultants.  Setting up franchising documents, registering with FCC, and all the other important steps to purchase a franchise should be left to the professionals.

What Parkview Sports provides to franchising companies and their franchisees can be described as management support.  Franchise consultants are important to keep franchisees focused on the systems established by the parent company.  Parkview Sports is a perfect compliment and lends itself to those same franchisees in a way that helps both them as entrepreneurs and their franchising executive teams sell more units.

Our Focus and Where We Make the Difference:


  • Web Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Blind Spot Analysis
  • Time Management Best Practices
  • Be a Great Leader, Not a Great Boss
  • Staff, Systems, and Service.  Simple Formula.
  • Financial Reporting Doesn’t Need to be Confusing
  • How to Hire the Right People
  • Networking with the Right Network
  • Weathering the Off-Season
  • The Keys to a Great Membership Program
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Attracting Investors
  • Creating a Great Culture
  • Generating Passive Income Streams


Benefits to Franchisor:

  • Less Turnover of Units
  • Management training at the fraction of the cost of hiring someone internally to oversee leadership of their units
  • Keynote Speaker at Regional and National Conferences designed to motivate and invigorate franchisees
  • Selling point when soliciting to potential franchisees that ongoing “management support” is offered.  “Operating support” is left for the parent company or any consultants they decide to hire
  • State of the Art Technology to identify the very best candidates for new franchisees
  • Executive Level Training for all Franchisees which will improve sales numbers across the company


Benefits to Franchisee:

  • Support from a management standpoint to become better leaders for their organizations 
  • Increased sales volume and improved culture within franchise
  • Profitability and Viability
  • Access to Parkview Sports via email, phone, site visits to insure the best training and support
  • Experience of purchasing, operating, and selling sports facilities on their team


It’s no secret that the key to a strong organization is strong leadership.  Our proven way of steering franchisees in the direction of becoming stronger leaders for their franchise is the way owners become more excited about what they do, put more money in their pocket, and more units can be sold.

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