How Resilient Are You As a Student-Athlete?

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How Resilient Are You As a Student-Athlete?

As a student-athlete, you check your laptop and cell phone batteries all day…

How often do you check your personal battery?
Some questions to consider:

1. How long have I been working without taking a break?
2. When was I last outside?
3. When did I last hydrate?
4. How distracted or irritable am I feeling right now?

Andrew Zolli‘s definition of resilience: “The capacity of a system, enterprise, or individual to maintain core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.”

At the Center for Creative Leadership, we often use the metaphor of a battery to think about this concept; most people are not good at knowing when their “resilience battery” needs to be recharged.

Resilience can help you both to recharge and to know when you need to recharge in the first place.

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