Leadership Communication is an Art

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Leadership Communication is an Art

Leaders need to continually capture and hold people’s attention.

Regardless of disruptions going on all around us or not.

Think about the last great presentation you saw, Zoom call you participated in, or town hall session you attended that really captured your attention. There was likely a real connection that made you feel or do something as a result. Maybe it forced you to consider another way to look at a situation or think differently. Regardless of the action you took as a result of the message, there was a specific reason you took that action.

Did that presentation have a unique PowerPoint presentation component? Maybe it was a video clip that hooked you in, music that made you feel something unexpected, or a relevant image that captured your attention.

Many times, that connection comes in the form of a great story that helps us feel like we were there. You felt something, were engaged, paid close attention, and in the end, wanted more…

Leaders can enhance their connection with the team simply with their tone of voice, choice of words, the pace of speaking, and their facial expressions.


As a leader, you’re expected to create those types of motivating, inspiring, and engaging moments in all different situations throughout the course of your day. And today, that happens on a variety of platforms like Outlook, Zoom, Slack, Skype…the options are plenty and only growing.

Spending just a few minutes prior to those engagements to plan out how you can best connect your message to the audience can be incredibly effective.

You’ll begin to be more comfortable and aware of just how important it is to treat communication as an art. Your team is craving a chance to be engaged and moved to act on something to help the organization. How they receive and process your message is a gamechanger.

“It’s a skill, it’s an art….and the reason why it’s an art is that you have to engage people’s heads and hearts….We’re like screenwriters trying to capture people’s attention”.

-Joanie Gurvis-Leadership Solutions Partner, Center for Creative Leadership

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