Parkview Sports Group has had the opportunity to work on a variety of amazing projects.

We’ve helped sports facilities attract investors by increasing their brand awareness and social media following, worked with real estate investors to identify the very best tenants for their potential investment properties, advised on both acquisition and exit strategies, re-branded facilities to send a fresh, clear message to their audience, created digital and marketing strategies for multi-purpose sports facilities, an even booked events and managed promotions for YouTube celebrities.

Indoor Sports Pavilion has been a pioneer of indoor turf sports in New Jersey.  Established in the early 2000’s, their focused approach on providing clean, well managed turf space for lacrosse, soccer, & field hockey has proven to be an extremely viable model.  As with many successful sports companies, focusing on unique ways to engage and communicate with current and prospective clients occasionally lags behind due to the success of the operating business.  The ownership group understands that they need to revamp their social media, web, and online presence.  Parkview Sports has taken on the role of managing their PR and Communications via social media, blogs, and newsletters to better engage their target audience and new prospects.  Using traditional grassroots marketing, Parkview Sports has completely taken the marketing aspect of the business off their plate so they can focus on their core competency of running a great business for their clients.  Additionally, Parkview Sports is providing ongoing guidance on exit plans and strategies for when the time eventually comes to exit both the real estate and operating business.



 Domingo Ayala is 100% fictional.  He’s the modern day Sidd Finch with a twist of Abbot and Costello, a sprinkle of Roy Hobbs, and dash of “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn.  He’s a mystery, yet his persona is seen every single day.  All of this has been made possible through vision, focus, the use of great content, and social media.  He’s amassed over 15 million views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.  Parkview Sports Group has been contracted to handle all aspects of booking events, appearances, and endorsement deals for the entire operation.  Our focus is to help expand the brand of Domingo Ayala through an extensive effort to develop lasting relationships  and partnerships with high end organizations, tournaments, and products.  Most recently, Parkview Sports negotiated and closed a deal with one of the largest baseball tournament operators in North America, Triple Crown Sports.  Domingo will be attending a variety of TCS events throughout 2016 where he will be showcasing his wit, humor, and ability to bring families together to enjoy the game of baseball.


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HFZ Capital Goutside viewroup is the real estate holding company that operates and owns Superdome Sports, one of New Jersey’s largest and most versatile sports facilities, seen here.  Parkview Sports lent it’s knowledge in marketing & branding to their ownership group to insure they remain at the cutting edge of the indoor sports and entertainment industry, helping position their operating business to be acquired.




With partners, resources, and a network of sports facility operators, Parkview Sports has been working with Stone Bridge and their partners to identify unique, value-add real estate opportunities in the Tri-State area.  The sports training industry, especially in youth athletics, has exploded in the U.S.  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York have been at the forefront of that growth.  With the winter months being so unpredictable in that region, the demand for indoor space is still at an all-time high.  However, the future of the indoor sports facility industry is in the ability for owners/operators to offer as many quality services and programs under one roof.  Stone Bride Investment Group has been working to capitalize on that opportunity by securing buildings suitable for sports based companies to operate out of.  Parkview Sports’ main role is helping identify and attract the best operators for each investment.



 Ball Players Edge is one of the few single sport facilities that has successfully undergone an expansion with not only another location, but a location 3x the size of their original facility.  Parkview Sports was vital in helping them through that transition.  Our role of helping to  identify new revenue streams, marketing opportunities, and community relations has allowed BPE to continue focusing on providing great baseball & softball training with the comfort of knowing that Parkview Sports is keeping them focused on long term partnerships and opportunities.


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Growing is not always the same as being wildly profitable.  Similar to many sports facilities that do a great job with sales and generating revenue, ECC found itself in a position of having to identify ways to truly turn their sales into viable profits.  As Parkview Sports has done over the years, we devised a strategy to develop roles and responsibilities, incentives, and goals for the entire staff to shoot for and attain.  Additionally, Parkview Sports provided the guidance and support necessary to attract investors to help settle start up debt and allow the company to function in the way that was healthy and viable.