How Can Sports Facilities Benefit from a Parkview Sports Boot Camp?

Parkview Sports Group CEO Tim Ziakas has always been a huge fan of networking with the right network.  As part of Parkview Sports’ commitment to helping sports facilities of all shapes and sizes Tim and his team will travel to a variety of sports facilities to hold what we call “Parkview Sports Facility Boot Camps”.  These are typically 1-3 day workshops designed for qualified sports facility owners to host an event that invites local sports facilities to attend an informative and inspirational workshop designed to give sports facilities a boost in the right direction.  Sports facilities that host these events will benefit from an added revenue stream simply by hosting and attracting area facilities to attend while adding credibility to their operation simply by having a professional speak to their colleagues.  Sports facility owners will see an immediate impact on their own business after hosting or attending one of our boot camps.

Parkview Sports Boot Camps typically focus on a variety of topics.  Hosts will collaborate with Parkview Sports to put together the most applicable boot camp for their needs.  Hosts can choose 1 or several topics depending on the goal and duration of the workshop.

Topics to Include:

  • Time Management Best Practices
  • Be a Great Leader, Not a Great Boss
  • Staff, Systems, and Service.  Simple Formula.
  • Financial Reporting Doesn’t Need to be Confusing
  • How to Hire the Right People
  • Networking with the Right Network
  • Weathering the Off-Season
  • The Keys to a Great Membership Program
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Attracting Investors
  • Creating a Great Culture
  • Generating Passive Income Streams


Tim and his team will be presenting a wide range of topics and solicit questions from the group.  These workshops are designed for networking and informational opportunities.  The entire premise behind these workshops is to provide opportunities for sports facility owners to meet other owners in the industry as well as professionals that can help them better understand their businesses.

Parkview Sports Boot Camps must be booked 3-5 weeks in advance with a minimum participation level.  For those that host speaking events they will share in the consultation fees from any clients that are gained from that event. They will also receive a FREE CONSULTATION to determine what areas need to be addressed in their own facility.  Cost is TBD based on participation and travel expenses.  Typically the cost ranges from $75-$200 per person for the 1-3 day workshop.

Sports Facility Owners: If you would like to be considered as a candidate to host a Parkview Sports Boot Camp to gain credibility and add a supplemental revenue stream please fill out a Consultation Request Form so we can start the process.