What is a Parkview Sports Group Membership?

Members will have access to Parkview Sports’ network of sports facilities, vendors, and professionals that would take years to develop relationships and partnerships with.  We have done the networking for you and have partnered with some of the very best professionals that can help you take your business to the next level.  Sports Psychologists, Equipment/Apparel Companies, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Accountants, Attorney’s, & Financial Planners who understand the needs of sports facility owners make up the Parkview Sports Group. As a member you will receive the following for $35 a month:

  • Invitation and Free Admission to all networking events (Guest Speakers, Breakfast Clubs, Happy Hours, etc..)
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Access to Parkview Sports network of professionals
  • Phone Consultation with a Sports Facility Consultant to review your facility and address your concerns ($375 Value)

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Why is a Parkview Sports Group Membership So Important?

From personal experience participating in networking groups like Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc…we understand that these groups are intended for small business owners to rant about what they do and pitch their services.  This goes against literally everything we believe in at Parkview Sports Group.  At our networking events there is no standing up and introducing yourself, no pitching your business to an audience in a 30 second blurb, and you will absolutely not find a stuffy atmosphere with people in suits!  You’re going to find everyday, regular business owners that want to help your business at the same time they help their own.  That is what networking is all about! In today’s small business world it’s all about who you know not what you know.

We are often asked to introduce clients to our network of professionals and partners.  Our clients understand the value of having a really strong circle of people to turn to for advice, sharing of clients, and most importantly sharing of  ideas.  With that said, the Parkview Sports Group Membership is the ideal way for sports facility owners to benefit from joining a networking group that is truly committed to helping other sports facilities. At our networking events we very simply provide an opportunity for professionals in the sports facility industry to get together, meet new people, and meet owners that take on similar challenges on a daily basis.  If you want to meet everyone, go meet everyone.  If you want to just hear the guest speaker or come for the food, then just do that.  Get out of our networking events what you feel comfortable getting out of them. Our networking events are light-hearted, thought provoking, and the most effective way for sports facility owners to network with the right network.  They have led to amazing partnerships between sports facility owners that would have never met each other or benefited from each other’s businesses.

As one example, we’ve seen Martial Arts studios partner with Basketball Gyms to hold larger demonstrations with their students which benefited the Martial Arts owner by being able to add more students to the  program and at the same time the Basketball Gym had a stream of people that normally wouldn’t have been there on a Saturday morning!  A Win, Win!  This would have never happened had they not struck up a conversation at one of our events!

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