Parkview Sports Tabbed for Brand Development

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Parkview Sports Tabbed for Brand Development

The Parkview Sports Group has joined forces with ECC Sports Plex in Edison, NJ to expand it’s reach into the community through top notch programming and brand alignment.

“We’re excited to bring the Parkview Sports Group team and our resources to Central NJ.   Being able to bring our network of professionals and experience to an operation like ECC Sports Plex is exactly the type of project we look forward to.” Parkview Sports Group Founder Tim Ziakas said in a statement.

ECC Sports Plex began in 2007 strictly as a sports performance studio geared toward helping athletes develop into more powerful and explosive athletes in their particular sport.  From there, President Bryan Healy purchased a baseball school on the opposite part of town and transported his performance training school to that location.  “For us, it made sense to be able to attach ourselves to an existing sports training facility like “The Baseball School” so we could take advantage of the already outfitted space that was conducive not only for baseball & softball training, but also the space it lent for weight training and explosive movements on the turf side.  To be able to have all of that under one roof made perfect sense for us” says Healy.

Shortly after the move, another portion of the building they were renting became available and Healy, through his network of professionals, raised some capital to build out a state of the art basketball facility in the space adjacent to the baseball/softball area and weight room.  “A dream of mine years ago was to be able to develop an all inclusive training center that athletes can feel like they’re getting a collegiate training experience regardless of their age and ability.  Adding the basketball court truly allowed us to accomplish that in this space.”

Since that addition, ECC Sports Plex has gone on to add an apparel & embroidery company, physical therapist, and professional golf instruction as additional entities that rent permanent space within the sports complex.

“Being that we grew from a 2,000 square foot sports performance facility to a 22,000 sq foot multi purpose sports facility in a short amount of time, it was clear that the vision and entire operation needed to be streamlined.  After many conversations with Tim, we were confident that bringing his experience and resources to ECC Sports Plex meant that we would have the right team in place for long term success.

“The most important thing we could do for ECC at the start was to mold the message of what they actually were.  For us, a crucial element for a facilities success is it’s ability to create a brand and stick to it.  We decided that with so many moving parts under one roof, it was critically important to identify what ECC stood for and that the message was clear to it’s clients.”

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