Social Media Marketing Insights: Understanding the Power of Social Media

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Social Media Marketing Insights: Understanding the Power of Social Media

Understanding the Power of Social Media

The days of putting ads in the paper and doing TV commercials are over when it comes to small businesses like yours in terms of their marketing and advertising campaigns. When was the last time you even read an actual newspaper or magazine front to back? As the marketplace evolves, your facility needs to evolve with it.

Almost 90% of your clients use some form of social media to get their news and information. We all agree that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. What’s faster, word of mouth or social media? It takes time for me to tell you about a good product or service that I think you should try. I have to go out of my way to talk to you, or I have to bump into you, or I have to wait to see you again.

For example, I’m definitely not calling you just to tell you about the experience I had with my son’s baseball lessons. However, if I “check-in” on Facebook while I’m there, Tweet a picture of my son doing a lesson with his coach, or post a video of his game on Instagram while hash-tagging your company I’m essentially telling every one of my friends and family members that I trust your facility and my son enjoys his time there. I wouldn’t waste my time checking into a place and tweeting about a company I don’t like!

Now multiply that by all your clients and their friends and now you’re reaching the people you want, quicker than you ever could before, with less effort, and absolutely free….

You may already be on some social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and in fact, you better be!

The question is…are you using them all effectively? There are so many avenues and ways to attack social media with all it has to offer for your facility. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out if you’ve configured it all correctly so all the people that follow you are getting the right info. A Parkview Sports Facility Coach can help you put together a plan to truly create a unique social media marketing campaign for you that will create a buzz and excitement for your facility that will spread like wild fire!

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