Of Course You Can

We believe that more students should be pursuing their sports industry careers with more of an entrepreneurial angle.

Part of our mission in helping people navigate the difficult path of entrepreneurship is making ourselves available as a resource to upcoming and recent sports management graduates.  Finding a career versus a job in the sports industry can be extremely rewarding yet incredibly difficult to find.  Spending time on campus with sports management students around the country is an incredibly important part of what Parkview Sports mission is.  We want to see as many students as possible reach their potential in the widely versatile field of “sports management”.

For some, that might mean working for a local professional team.  For others who are looking for something unique, we look to provide some insight, guidance, and motivation to go out and find the career they’ve always wanted but never new existed.

A typical day with Senior Managing Partner,  Tim Ziakas,  is a 45 minute presentation to the entire program followed by smaller round table discussions to speak to students on a more intimate level about their specific questions, concerns, and interests in the rapidly expanding and wide ranging sports industry.

To book Senior Managing Partner, Tim Ziakas, for an in person, dynamic conversation with your sports management program, please email directly to tim.ziakas@parkviewsports.com