Weathering the Offseason

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Weathering the Offseason

You run an existing sports facility. There are clearly peak seasons for your business. Your expenses don’t have an off-season though…

Creating a viable sports training business is rewarding and stressful at the same time. During a part of the year you seem to do a significant percentage of your total revenue.

However, your expenses don’t always work the same way. How are you weathering the offseason? What plans do you have in place to generate off-season revenue that would help during those months? Have you accurately identified those months?

Are there daytime/evening programs you can run? Should you focus on volume instead of expensive private training or classes? Could memberships be altered to attract more clients? Can you add an apparel line through a local vendor at minimal or no cost to you?

Having someone there working with you throughout the process will help eliminate unnecessary risks and stress that come with figuring out ways to streamline your business over a 12 month period of ups and downs.

Even great coaches need coaches…

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