What Would My Marketing Plan Look Like?

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What Would My Marketing Plan Look Like?



We believe there are a few fundamentals when building a brand, especially a brand in the sports and wellness industry.  To be a leader in your community you need to be a resource that provides information, education, motivation, and guidance to your clients.  This MUST come in several different forms.

When we take on a new project, we do so from both a macro and a micro perspective.  We take a look at the broader picture of your industry, community, and how you run your business.  Additionally, we like to drill down on the specific ways you’re currently reaching your existing clients and prospective customers.  We want to know any analytics you can provide and get the specifics about your target audience.

Once we do our analysis, we’ll develop a plan specific for our clients needs and most importantly, execute that plan for them.  It doesn’t make sense for us to do all that work and then just hand the report over to you.  If you had the time to do it and knew what you needed to do, you wouldn’t need us!

To give our readers an example of what that might look like, we’ll take one of our most recent projects.  We just started a project with an indoor multi sport facility in NJ.  They run a successful operation, are cash positive, and have been in business for almost 10 years.  Like many of our clients, marketing falls by the wayside.  Especially when it comes to producing interesting content and mobile friendly emails/newsletters.

Here is what we did for them:

  • Set up and manage 3 social media platforms (They only had Facebook & Twitter.  We added Instagram for them)
    • Post 3-4 times per week on each platform (9-12 posts per week total).
    • Content will be combination of industry news, current events, trivia, motivational quotes.
    • Owner is responsible for posting upcoming events, sales, and promotional pieces as they see fit.
  • Create 2 Email Templates to be used via Constant Contact
    • Design fresh, mobile friendly templates where information can be added or taken out easily
    • Easily “clickable” to track opens and click through’s
  • Create 2 Newsletter Templates
    • Design fresh, mobile friendly templates that can be used accordingly.
    • Produce content for newsletter.
    • One 300 word article supplemented with trivia, upcoming events, & motivational quotes
    • Monthly production
  • Create and Produce Blog
    • 700-1000 word blog post specific to industry trends, education, & current events
    • Use tags/keywords to increase web traffic
    • Monthly production
  • Web/SEO Optimization
    • Site was mobile friendly but needed to be optimized
    • Set up Google Analytics (Free Version)
    • Research keywords/tags and embed accordingly
    • Set up local search engine databases (YELP, Yellow Pages, etc…)

We suggested this particular strategy for the simple reasons that they weren’t implementing all of these marketing strategies and the ones they were just weren’t being done the right way.  They would post occasionally on social media and send out sporadic emails, but not to the extent they should be.

The clear reason why they needed Parkview Sports to take on this role was simple.  They didn’t have the time nor did they want to figure out how to do it all.  They were really good at running their business, not writing content for blogs and posting relevant social media content.  Completely understandable!

Perhaps the best part about the role we took on with them was they could now be confident that they were using modern marketing techniques and doing so at a fraction of the cost of bringing on someone full time.  They also weren’t piecing together a marketing team with current staff that already had functions to carry out.  Since they committed to a full year contract, we were able to execute this entire strategy for less than $1,000 per month.  The time savings alone was worth that to the owners in addition to the impact the strategy would have on their bottom line!

4 months into that project and we’ve created a community for them that is much more responsive than ever before. Instagram and the newsletters have really taken off as people are now engaging with the facility in a way they never had access to previously.

Hopefully this can give our readers a much clearer look into how a marketing plan could work for their sport business.  What the business specializes in has very little to do with our marketing approach.  We can craft a message and build out the same strategy for single and multi sport facilities, wellness centers, physical therapists, and chiropractic centers.

Before you get too behind in  your marketing efforts, become too consumed with figuring out how to use social media effectively, or consider hiring someone full time, let us build out a plan for you that makes the most sense.  Our ability to use our network of graphic artists, web designers, and social media experts allows us to subsidize projects with freelance professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring all of them to work for you.

To set up a free 30 minute consultation, please email tim.ziakas@parkviewsports.com or call 201-317-7160.  We are running an introductory special through July 10th.  For any new project, you’ll receive $200 off if you mention this blog post or received an email detailing the special.

Tim Ziakas-Managing Partner

Tim is a leading resource in the sports and wellness industry.  His focus has been on helping entrepreneurs get the most out of their experiences running sports & wellness themed companies.  Tim’s work spans from small fitness studios, sport specific academies, state of the art multi sport facilities, & wellness professionals such as physical therapists, nutritionists, and chiropractic centers.
Often asked to speak at sports management symposiums and sports management programs at colleges in the Greater NYC area, Tim has also authored the book, “Of Course You Can-Creating Success in the Business of Sports”.


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