Who Pushes You In Your Sports and Wellness Business?

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Who Pushes You In Your Sports and Wellness Business?

So many of the successful sports and wellness entrepreneurs we’ve worked with have one common denominator. Regardless of how successful they’ve been, they’re open to someone pushing them.


In some cases Parkview Sports takes on that role and in other cases they have a mentor, adviser, or business coach already. Either way, it’s someone they can rely on for guidance, support, and most importantly, unfiltered, objective advice. It’s also someone that they don’t work with day to day.

Many of our clients have been able to build a solid business, in some cases even multiple locations. Unfortunately, after their growth spurt they hit a plateau that seems to never end. The answer many times is not a difficult one, but as we all know, when you do the same thing for years it’s difficult to break free of those habits and thought processes.

Perhaps our favorite client to work with is the one that has had some success on their own, built a great team around them, but needs that little push to get them over that hump. The best part about that client is they understand they need help. They are completely on board with bringing us onto their team in whatever capacity makes the most sense.

For some, that’s helping with their digital marketing efforts and getting more people to find their website. Others bring us on to help create incentives for their employees and develop a plan to expand to multiple locations. Some task us with drilling down on their finances to get a clear sense of the health of the company and to create a base line of analytics to make future decisions from. We’ve been able to build a great network of professionals to help in any capacity our clients need.

The hard part in finding that entrepreneur to work with?

Most don’t think or are unaware they need help! They earn a good living (and of course some are struggling but still aren’t willing to change what they’re doing), they’re well known in their community, and some are even industry leaders in their field.

They’re so consumed with running their business that they never take a step back and do some strategic thinking. They aren’t seeing some creative and practical ways to improve how their sports or wellness business performs.

Getting our clients to think in ways they aren’t used to is how we’ve been able to do some great collaborative work. The reality is, there’s no way we could add the value that we do if there wasn’t collaboration on both sides. Everyone needs to be on board.

For some reason, people think when you hire a consultant or adviser that they come in, tell you what you’re doing wrong, give you their plan, and leave you to implement it. Oh, and they take an up front retainer regardless of how you like their services over time. Yes, I guess that does sum up most consultants. That’s not how we work.

Getting a sense of each our clients needs, goals, and history of running their sports or wellness business before they pay a cent allows us to build custom strategies for every single one of the projects we take on.

Yes, ultimately every plan we develop has similarities with other clients, but the nature of the content, messaging, goals, analytics, and execution are crafted specifically for each client. Most importantly, we are the ones carrying out the execution of the plan. Our clients are too busy to add this to their plate, that’s the whole point of them bringing us onto their team.

Pushing our clients to think in both macro & micro terms for their sports or wellness business is our strong suit. We want them to organize their time, be better leaders for their teams, pay close attention to their clients needs, and accomplish the goals most important to them.

We know they can’t do it on their own. No one can. Working with clients that want to be pushed, enjoy working in a collaborative fashion, and are open to getting objective ideas and suggestions is the reason why Parkview Sports was founded in the first place.

If you think your sports or wellness company could use a push or benefit from having another set of eyes on your business development, sales, & marketing strategies then we’d like an opportunity to show you what we can do. Our initial consultations are always free and the only way you’ll become a client of ours is after we’ve outlined the specific plan that we tailor to your needs. We need to make sure we can actually help before we start charging for our services!

To set up a phone call, video conference, or in person meeting to discuss more, please contact Tim Ziakas, Managing Partner at tim.ziakas@parkviewsports.com or feel free to reach out directly at 201-317-7160.

Tim Ziakas-Managing Partner

Tim is a leading resource in the sports and wellness industry. His focus has been on helping entrepreneurs get the most out of their experiences running sports & wellness themed companies. Tim’s work spans from small fitness studios, sport specific academies, state of the art multi sport facilities, & wellness professionals such as physical therapists, nutritionists, and chiropractic centers.

Often asked to speak at sports management symposiums and sports management programs at colleges in the Greater NYC area, Tim has also authored the book, “Of Course You Can-Creating Success in the Business of Sports”.

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